Statement of Purpose – It is our purpose to offer a place of care, comfort and safety for children for as long as needed to assist them back into a loving and caring family for life.


Welcoming children to their new home


In preparation for children or young people arriving at Rainbow, we arrange a planned admission, over a period of several weeks, where possible. Before the move, the manager will go to the child’s current home and visit the child, to provide a familiar, friendly face for when the child has their first visit to Rainbow. The child or young person will visit the home, have a full tour, stay for tea, see their bedroom and meet the other children and the team. Further visits are encouraged, including an overnight stay. On moving day, the child or young person is welcomed to the home, supported to unpack and log all of their belongings.

The children’s guide is shared with the child/young person and key information is provided over an informal chat.

Read our children's Guide